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New Beginnings for The World Traveller

Giza Plateau SphinxHi there! I am working on transitioning my website into a weblog – so please bear with me.

This weblog will focus on my past travels and photos of countries I used to take my groups to as a tour operator as “The World Traveller”. Lots has changed in the regions of the world where I used to travel.  So thankful that I was able to get over there before everything went to heck in a hand-basket!

In addition, now that I am home-bound here in the good ol’ USA, I will also include current  road trips and other interesting escapes from the urban scene where I reside in the great state of California.

This is a virtual work in progress.

The World Traveller beginnings

EgyptDubai-11.24.07-081aI am compulsive when it comes to travel. It is my passion. People travel for many reasons. Some are interested in scholarly pursuits; some have interest in physical challenges. There are those whose objectives simply are to check off countries on a list. There is commerce, religious and also humanitarian endeavors that drive people into travel situations. For whatever reasons we travel, once we take that first jump – we can never be the same. For me personally, the sense of movement and cross-cultural exchange between others became a rather eccentric compulsive behavior. So much so eventually I turned this obsessive hobby into a full-time business and as a result, “The World Traveller” was born. It was during this time my clients and I embarked on roads less traveled. We tried every form of transportation available that would make traveling in a third world country more bearable: Helicopters, chartered boats to cruise up the Irrawaddy, Mekong and Nile, bullock carts, trains, planes, hot air balloons and even hiking with our own two feet.

But life inevitably has a life of its own. Perhaps it is to show us that we are not invincible nor need to be “in charge” of everything around us. Alas for me, a breast cancer diagnosis stopped me in my tracks and made me stand still for awhile…