Kathryn used to own and operate a travel company called “The World Traveller” and this web-address served as a calling card for each of those 30-day plus group adventures. This weblog will be about her photography and recollections of those trips from as far back as 1996 through 2001. The regions her groups visited included Central and Southeast Asia, Northern Africa, the Middle East and the Trans-Caucasus. All theseK2 & Papi adventures were before the onset of SARS, the Avian Flu, 9/11, the Iraq Insurgency, the Arab Spring, the Great Recession, the medieval practice of videotaped public beheadings and the acceleration of climate change…the latter which she believes will ultimately be our species demise.

Posts have been broken down into categories so that you can choose whatever topic or destination you might find interesting. It is doubtful if Kathryn shall be posting everyday – only when she gets a bee in her bonnet!

A virtual work in progress.