Dubai (UAE) Desert Safari

dubai desert sand

Back from Arabia and glad to be home! Egypt is such a favorite country, but after traveling there over 7 times already – this is my last trip there for awhile. It would have been great to have taken the opportunity to travel in the remote western Oasis areas, but it was not in the cards this time. It was great to see the many friends I have accumulated there over the years, but it is finally time to leave well-enough alone and focus other adventures for awhile.

Visiting Dubai was interesting, but it is still very much a City in its infancy. It will take some time before it’s soul develops any character. It was rather astounding to visit the small and meager National Museum which featured a video focusing 100% on the future. Although there is diversity in the brands when it comes to the shopping malls, there are certainly no bargains for our poor weak dollar! I was able to get out and do a desert safari with a Yemeni driver and some Kazak tourists which was really fun. Anyway, everyone has different travel objectives and my interests have always been culture oriented. In a city with 80% foreign residents, it was just not my bag….